Thursday, August 16, 2012

Support Enforcement Services

August 16, 2012

Several weeks ago I received a form from Support Enforcement Services. Does anyone want to guess what that is all about? I'm sure my divorced friends know.

It's a form from the government regarding child support and alimony. I guess, although I'm not completely sure, that it is a means of tracking child support and alimony payments. How sweet. I didn't realize the government cared about my payments. But it is heartening to know that they are monitoring that for me. I had to include both our social security numbers so I could receive a portion of his social security when he starts collecting. After all we had what the court considers a "substantial marriage."

But did we? A "substantial marriage" implies that we had a bond that should have lasted forever. "For better or worse," etc. In my opinion a "substantial marriage"  does not include infidelity and lies. A "substantial marriage" implies respect for your spouse even when things are not going well. It means that even when you are having a mid life crisis and you become involved with a lesbian that looks and sounds very much like your mother you will step back and think about the destruction you will cause to so many. It means putting your family first.

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