Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Yes,  I'm trying another on line dating service after the disastrous experience with eHarmony. And so far I'm not faring much better. I still remember being told by a former acquaintance that online dating is not for people of a certain age. I'm starting to think he may be right.

I feel like I'm selling a used car. Trying to promote my best features in 50 words or less. Or is it 250 words? But really it would take a lot longer to describe how truly wonderful I really am!!! Maybe I'm indescribable! That must be the problem. I get confused between the winks and the faves and the "likes." I'm not in high school anymore and never liked that stuff even when I was.

Margo, don't read this next part. As soon as I respond to anyone with a few details about myself I never hear back from the potential "date." I really try to honestly describe myself to people who express interest. There's no point in wasting anyones' time. I don't have a lot of time left and I've always liked getting right to the point. So I tell them I am irreverent and sarcastic, but in a good way. My kids will always come first. I'm not looking for someone to "complete" me. I am still a work in progress and hope I always will be. I'm not looking for a soul mate. I thought I had one and look how wrong I was about that. I'm not waiting to be rescued or taken care of. Margo, I know you are reading this even though I warned you not to, and you are shaking your head. And pretty soon you are going to try to call me to"discuss" my attitude.

But let me tell you about the men and what they want. LOTS of them want a woman who is "athletic and toned" or "slender." (Match descriptions)  Some of them can't spell. Many of them don't like to read. They ALL love the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, down hill skiing, etc. Really? Some of them look like they can't get up from their recliners. One guy wrote that he liked 'curvy" (another Match word) women and lingerie. I had to read that several times because I was sure it was a typo. But my favorites are the men who are "currently separated." Can't you even wait until the divorce is final to look for a new mate? That's like claiming you are single even though you are living with your girlfriend.

So after the three month subscription is over I will most likely cancel this. One thing I learned from this whole experience is that I don't have to settle for something that is "far from ideal." And now that George is getting married I may just have to resign myself to a life alone!

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