Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sure Cure

August 28, 2013

Martha's Vineyard. I've been told it's paradise. A sure cure for the blues. It couldn't have come at a better time for me. Because blue is how I've been feeling. About lost dreams and plans for my (our) future. A future I will now face alone. 

But stepping off the ferry in perfect weather does do wonders for the soul. Spending hours at the edge of the ocean reading and people watching is better than any medicine in the world. ( no matter how arduous the journey to the water might be! But more about that later!) Laughing when my friends jokingly ask me if I want to play frisbee or go paddle boarding. Sleeping late, taking outdoor showers, shopping, and being with friends is a sure cure. I'm not positive if the island itself is the magic ingredient but I'm not questioning the result.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fringe Festival

August 22, 2013

This past weekend I did one of my most favorite things. I went to the Fringe Festival in Manhattan. I think I talked about it last year but it is worth repeating. For the price of one Broadway play ticket three people can see three up and coming plays by unknown writers.  Well, maybe they are not ALL up and coming. Some of them are downright awful. Which is why Hilary didn't join us.

I also got to have dim sum. Another of my favorites. I haven't had dim sum ages. SInce before the divorce. We (Josh, Jocelyn and I) went to the Red Egg, a restaurant I had been wanting to try in Chinatown. Maybe we ordered too much food but it was delicious. Then off to the plays.

We were a little late for the first one but I acted pathetic enough to be let in. I was trying to explain how the train was late, which it was. I think he took pity on the fact that we were suburbanites. That play was not so good but it concerned an Italian family in the 70's so it made me laugh. Josh and Jocelyn both pointed out that it was not well written or acted but I didn't care.

We were on time for the next one. It was a radio show and it was excellent. And then on to the last show called "Bellini and the Sultan." Needs some polish but was enjoyable. All in all a better selection than we made last year.

The rain held off and we had dinner at The Mermaid Inn again. I guess that will be a new tradition as long as attend the Fringe together. Raw bar, drinks and good company. Yes, that will stay on my list of repeats.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pottery Barn Adventure

August 12, 2013

I finally got rid of the old couch in my family room this week. The one that reclined and had a table attached to it. The really big one that families with kids own. I got a really pretty, much smaller sectional from Pottery Barn. Another big purchase I made on my own. Well, okay. Mary and Alyson saw it with me in Westport, then Hilary came to look at it, then Margo met me at the Westfarms Mall when I was ready to buy it. But basically it was on my own! I measured the room and the couch a million times to be sure it would fit.

It's slipcovered. I never had a slipcovered couch. "Will the delivery men put the slipcovers on for me?" Oh no, I was assured it would be easy. But they really didn't know how bad I am at that sort of thing. So it arrived here on Thursday. No muss, no fuss. The men, who just about spoke English, left the slipcovers on the seats. I asked if they were on the correct seats and they said yes. But I'm not really sure they could understand what I was asking.

You can guess what happened next, right? I put the wrong ones on. On the bigger sectional the covers were not long enough. I was sure the white part of the couch should not be showing. The wedge part was impossible to fit. A big bunch of material was hanging off the top. What to do? I'm not proud of this but I actually cried. I sat on the floor amidst all the packing material and cried! It became much bigger than just the slipcovers. How was I supposed to do this all alone? Not just the sofa but life?

Then that little voice in my head spoke, Yes, I hear voices all the time. I prefer to call it "talking to myself" instead of any other more sinister terms. "Pull yourself together. You save people's lives. It's just a sofa!" So I called Pottery Barn. While I was talking to the very nice salesperson I stepped back and looked at everything. It seems like I forgot to take off the cushions, which get covered separately. And indeed, the slipcovers were not left on the right sections. I realized I had put them on the wrong pieces. The arm part of the slipcover should go on the arm part of the sofa!

Now it looks just like it did in the store. Throughly put together and sophisticated. Now if only the rest of my life would follow suit.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Silver Fire

August 8, 2013

Silver FIre. That's what they are calling the latest fire in Southern California. I didn't know they named fires. Like hurricanes? One of my most favorite places is southern California. A place that was on my list as a possible retirement area. (I know, Margo. Too far away for you!) When I was young I went out to California to work, never to return again. I have a special place in my heart for California. A place to start over. To live a different life style.

So it is particularly disturbing to watch these fires on TV and wonder what those people are feeling as they flee their homes. To watch firefighters risk their lives to put out these fires. First responders, who in my opinion are never paid what they are worth. While we debate whether Alex Rodriquez should be banned from baseball these men and women are being paid a pittance for what they do everyday. Don't get me wrong I LOVE to look at Alex but 20 million dollars to play baseball? Really?

Anyway my heart goes out to all those people battling this blaze and many others out west. It puts a lot of my problems in perspective.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top Ten Questions

                                                Summer Top Ten

10. What the heck is Candy Crush Saga and how do you "give life" there?

9. Why do people going to the gym try to find the closest parking space to the building?

8. Do other people think about what they are going to eat for dinner while they are AT the gym?
    (or it that something just I do?)

7. Again, why don't drivers use blinkers anymore?

6. Why would someone come for an OPERATION and not know what they are having done?

5. Will the Kindle really replace a real book?

4.  Is reality television ever going to be over?

3. Will my house ever be clean???

2. Will I ever stop caring if it's clean?

1. What's next?

Monday, August 5, 2013


August 5, 2013

A friend sent me a link for a free weekend with eHarmony in early July. I decided to try it and see what would happen. Well, so far NOTHING!!! I was told by someone at the start that online dating would not work for someone my age. I guess he was right. But it's worth a try, right?

I really want to meet the DOCTOR in the commercial who claims they read your profile and match you up with someone of similar interests!! Ha. They have sent me matches of people who don't drink, are extremely conservative, want someone who can share their deep religious faith and don't like to travel. Who read MY profile? If you know me at all you can clearly see that these are not appropriate matches. So what did they do? Sort by age? Anyone in my age group who is not dead??? OMG!!

When I told Margo what I was doing she said, "Try to be nice." What does that mean? "Write a nice profile," she said.  But I'm a sarcastic bitch (sometimes) and I can't lie (all the time.) I want to put that right up front. But I have soooo many redeeming qualities as well. So I tried to focus on those but still no takers!!! A few people expressed interest but one lives in Illinois and the other won't send a picture! And surprisingly EVERY guy thinks Valentines Day is SWEET! Really???

So maybe I should go with my original profile. Woman of a certain age, intelligent, warm, hard working, great sense of humor.(I think) Fairly good cook. Loves to travel, eat out, go to movies, plays, concerts and sporting events. Except for the year preceding my divorce have never been skinny but do not take up two seats on a plane. Love the beach as long as I can read and lay in the sun. Does not want to parasail, play frisbee, bungee jump or any sport that I have to freeze my ass off to master. As stated before CAN be a sarcastic bitch but in a good way. I am also loud and bossy sometimes. BUT if you are my friend I will be loyal and true. How's that, Margo? Nice enough?