Monday, August 5, 2013


August 5, 2013

A friend sent me a link for a free weekend with eHarmony in early July. I decided to try it and see what would happen. Well, so far NOTHING!!! I was told by someone at the start that online dating would not work for someone my age. I guess he was right. But it's worth a try, right?

I really want to meet the DOCTOR in the commercial who claims they read your profile and match you up with someone of similar interests!! Ha. They have sent me matches of people who don't drink, are extremely conservative, want someone who can share their deep religious faith and don't like to travel. Who read MY profile? If you know me at all you can clearly see that these are not appropriate matches. So what did they do? Sort by age? Anyone in my age group who is not dead??? OMG!!

When I told Margo what I was doing she said, "Try to be nice." What does that mean? "Write a nice profile," she said.  But I'm a sarcastic bitch (sometimes) and I can't lie (all the time.) I want to put that right up front. But I have soooo many redeeming qualities as well. So I tried to focus on those but still no takers!!! A few people expressed interest but one lives in Illinois and the other won't send a picture! And surprisingly EVERY guy thinks Valentines Day is SWEET! Really???

So maybe I should go with my original profile. Woman of a certain age, intelligent, warm, hard working, great sense of humor.(I think) Fairly good cook. Loves to travel, eat out, go to movies, plays, concerts and sporting events. Except for the year preceding my divorce have never been skinny but do not take up two seats on a plane. Love the beach as long as I can read and lay in the sun. Does not want to parasail, play frisbee, bungee jump or any sport that I have to freeze my ass off to master. As stated before CAN be a sarcastic bitch but in a good way. I am also loud and bossy sometimes. BUT if you are my friend I will be loyal and true. How's that, Margo? Nice enough?

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