Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Ten

December 30, 2013

                                             Top Ten Things I Learned This Year

10. Going to the gym IS good for me. I can now fling the snow tires out of the shed and load them
       in the car without huffing and puffing. Or crying.  Thank-you Edge Flex!

9. In keeping with the exercise theme, I can spin! I was afraid to try it but I CAN do it!
    And if I pick a bike in the back I can sit when I get tired and not be embarrassed!

8. I can drive over bridges and only get panicked when I think of the Mianus River disaster.

7. As much as I try, I HATE yard work. And planting, fertilizing, watering, etc... also car

6. I'm never giving up carbs. No matter what.

5. Even though two years ago I thought I would never travel I HAVE managed to take many trips as a
     single woman. And I like it.

4. It's never too late to find people to connect with, people you feel you have known forever.

3. I AM sentimental in a very sarcastic way.

2. I can say "I love you" to lots of different people for lots of different reasons.

1. "Do what feels right." No regrets.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

December 24, 2013

I spent this past weekend at the Red Lion Inn In Stockbridge MA. I went with some trepidation as  the last time I was there on this particular weekend the kids were small and I was married. It has become a tradition for Margo and Anne and their families but I would be sort of a newbie. But oh the things I would have missed if I didn't go!

1. Hugs from Matt, who is hands down the best hugger in the world. Fred and his monkey. (you had
    to be there)

2. Watching Annemarie "work the room."

3. Consignment shopping with Margo where I purchased a new lady head. The pensive one that should
     remind me to think just a little before I act. ( Not my strong suit.)

4. Talking to John through the wall between our rooms.

5. Watching Kelsey sing Feliz Navidad with the Skipper.

6. Three french hens, Hilary, Bethany and Kelsey.

7. Megan and her five golden rings.

8. Lauren and her absolutely beautiful smile.

9. Shaun and his sexy voice singing to me in the lobby. Even if it was about throwing me overboard.
    Next year I want to do a rap song with him at Karaoke. Thinking Monster by Rihanna.

10. Being shown up in the gift giving by my new BFF, Patti. I'm going to start now for next year.

11. Gaining a new adopted daughter, Julia. I think she may like to try new restaurants almost as much
       as I do.

12. But most of all I'm glad I didn't miss the opportunity to see Gerald as the Partridge in the Pear Tree.
      Perfect! Lin, you made the whole weekend bringing everyone all together with your creativity and

Thank you all for making this so special for me.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Marriage Equality

December 18, 2013

Ever since Josh showed me how to listen to Pandora in my car with my Iphone my love affair with my phone has just become stronger by the day. What a perfect companion. It is with me all the time, going wherever I go without complaint.. Gives me directions when I am lost, sings to me, delivers my mail, allows me to talk to my friends whenever I want, read whenever I want and if I so choose I can even watch a movie on it. Of course I would need a tutorial on that but I'm sure it could be arranged.

I would like to make the union legal. I wouldn't have to worry about it cheating on me, spending my money on slutty women, lying to me or hurting my feelings. A cyber relationship beyond compare. After all, my phone could not pretend to be a free spirited, fun loving, spontaneous guru of life. Especially if it was really just a scared, angst ridden, over thinking human being. I would be able to give it only the correct characteristics to mesh with my own. Oh what joy. I thought I was really on to something.

Then I heard about a new Spike Jonze movie entitled "Her." It is about a man (Joaquin Phoenix) who falls in love with the voice of his intelligent computer operating system. The voice belongs to Scarlett Johansson. Who wouldn't fall in love with her sultry, sexy voice? I saw the trailer on Youtube and I can't wait to see the movie. My idea...up there on the big screen. Of course there seems to be tears involved but I am a veteran at that!! Nothing like a good cry to clear out those tear ducts!

And before anyone complains that I have made light of the Marriage Equality Act please, rest assured I have not. It is tongue in cheek. I think EVERYONE should be allowed the pleasure and pain of marriage. After all how could you survive the ravages of divorce if you have not been married?Marriage should be an option for gays, lesbians and people who go along with the best deal no matter what their sexual orientation happens to be. The more I think about it the more I love my phone!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sandy Hook

December 16, 2013

This past Saturday marked one year since the Sandy Hook shooting. I remember being at work and seeing it unfold on the news during lunch. It started with a picture of the police at the school. What could possibly be happening in peaceful, sleepy, Sandy Hook, Connecticut? Lunch was over and we returned to work thinking it was just a false alarm. But the rest of the staff slowly came out of the break room with the shocking news. Little kids and their teachers were killed. No, it must be misinformation. That's just can't be possible. I thought back to 9/11 when we all watched the towers go down, crowded into the tv room at work.

But it was true. Slowly the reality began to sink in. Everyone knew someone from the school. It was truly horrifying. This year the residents asked to have the media stay away from their little town. They wanted to mourn and remember in private. And for the most part that wish was honored.

This morning I heard on "Sunday Morning" that the percentage of Americans that think we should have new gun control laws has gone down from last year. Unbelievable. And not to second guess the shooter's mom, parenting IS such a hard job, but if my child locked himself in his room and only communicated with me by email for months, I would NOT be purchasing a gun as his Christmas present. In fact that sort of behavior would only last a few hours before I broke down the door and MADE him talk to me. I can see Josh nodding in agreement. In fact a few hours is generous. I can't be silent for even a few minutes when I have something on my mind.

Such a tragedy for all concerned. Saturday night WTNH showed all the pictures of the victims on the news. Heartbreaking. I can't imagine how life goes on for those families. But many of them have gone on to advocate for gun control, mental health services and ways to keep their loved one memories alive. An inspiration and lesson for us all.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Sundays in Winter

December 9, 2013

This is how I know that winter is truly here. Part of me wanted to call a friend and go to a movie but the other, the it's too cold out part, wanted to stay home and cook and get the house in some sort of order. Needless to say that part won.

I fed the birdies and the squirrels and vacuumed.  I made a chocolate bread from a recipe I found on the internet. I had zucchini in the fridge so I decided to make a frittata. Then I made dough for anginettes and finally tomato basil soup. As I said to Hilary this summer, "I don't really like to cook in the summer." She responded, "Don't worry, you haven't been." I wondered where that sarcasm came from and then I remembered. Oh yes, she is my daughter!

I think I've more than made up for my lack of summertime cuisine. I love to go out when it's warm. But when the days start to get shorter and it is FREEZING out there is nothing like some comfort food and a fire. Christmas carols playing on Pandora, my "Christmas at the Beach" candle burning, the twinkling of the Christmas lights on my mantle and the greenery outside. OMG Margo, am I getting sentimental????

I'm not sure there will be many more weekends to have a marathon day like today at home. The season is busy with long weekends away, cookie swaps and happy hours. But this became I day I thoroughly enjoyed.

 So much for cleaning as you go.
My reward after a long day. The newspaper, a fire and then my new show "Orange is the New Black"

Friday, December 6, 2013

Squirrel Victory

December 6, 2013

I am a beaten, defeated woman. The squirrels have taken over my yard. In fact, I have even stooped to feeding them. I bought dried corn to nourish them. I have had a long talk with them about the fact that I am on their side as long as they don't hang upside down from my bird feeders and eat all the seed. I put the corn out ever day and even some bird seed that they can reach without ravaging the feeders. And for the most part it works. But every once in a while I find one of them joyously feasting from the feeders.

I am ashamed to admit that I have been known to run outside screaming like a lunatic and threatening to purchase a BB gun. Probably the reason I don't have a pistol permit. Although the squirrels would be far down on my list of targets. Anyway, it is mostly working. My cardinal couple is back and the rodents seem happy with the corn.

But today I was looking in the Agway brochure. Did you know they have deer food?!!! Do I have to feed them as well? They eat my crab apples, shrubs and tulip bulbs. Do I really want to attract them to my back yard? But they are beautiful to look at through my window. Especially when there is a soft dusting of snow on the ground. Delicate and serene. So maybe I will consider feeding them as well. Does that put me in the "crazy lady" category?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas in East Haven

December 3, 2013

This weekend I made a miraculous discovery. Not a discovery exactly. Well, a discovery for me. During a very long car trip Josh synched my Pandora to the car radio. Who knew? I love Pandora. AND I can switch from that to the radio and STILL receive phone calls!!! I'm so excited. Even though Josh said with disgust,"You really don't know how anything works, do you?" That's not exactly true but I am clueless as far as things like that are concerned. That's why I have kids to help me. Jocelyn is particularly patient and kind even though I'm sure they make fun of me when they leave here.

I've been enjoying this new feature everyday and am still amazed that it works so well. And on the way to work yesterday I heard my first Christmas Carol. "Christmas in East Haven." Or East'aven. My home town. The place I grew up and felt loved and nurtured. Going from my house which was SOOOO Italian to Margo and Annemarie's, which was SOOO Irish. The best of both worlds. Some people are offended by that song but it always makes me laugh. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves more. And anyway, who doesn't want to be invited to an Italian house for the holidays? The fish on Christmas Eve, the lasagna, the aginettes. The fruit bowl and nut tray. Limoncello. Come on. There's nothing better. So I don't take offense at the song. I know its just jealously that inspired it!!