Monday, July 7, 2014

Planned Parenthood

July 7, 2014

This past Saturday I drove by Planned Parenthood on my way to feed my grandkitties. I hadn't even realized where it was in New Haven. On Whitney Avenue between Edwards and Lawrence streets. I would have driven right by it if the protesters were not out there with their ridiculous signs and propaganda. I remember these same people stationed at a spot in Westville when I used to drive my kids to school back in the day.

That scene made me think about the latest ruling from the Supreme Court. Not the Holly Lobby one, but the buffer zone. I was very disappointed with that ruling. As a nurse I have been drilled with HIPPA regulations. What I can and cannot say to protect my patients' privacy. But it seems I can legally stand outside a health care facility and harass women with my personal beliefs about abortion and birth control. And I can get VERY close to them even though these facilities, in the past, have been targets for fanatics who have shot employees and bombed the buildings.

Again, shame on the Supreme Court. I'm thinking the women who use the Planned Parenthood clinic can not afford a private physician. Many of them are there for just routine care or birth control. And I would have to say that no woman has an abortion without serious emotional turmoil. They do not need to be bombarded with psychological torture.

I realize this is America and EVERYONE has a right to express their own opinions. That's what makes me proud to be an American. But....we all deserve the right to safety and privacy. As far as I'm concerned these protesters are  no better than the terrorists who try to instill fear in society. Many of these women have no other recourse than Planned Parenthood and I'm sure some are scared off by these lunatics. The last time I went to Washington I noticed there were barriers around the White House and the Capitol. I would call that a buffer zone. Maybe those should be taken down also.

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