Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friction Party

April 25, 2013

Last week Jeanne and I went to Chicago for a nursing conference. It was a very good conference, we learned a lot of new things and networked with nurses from all over the country. And you already know the trip ended with us being stuck in Chicago foe an extra night due to weather issues.

But the trip also started with a new learning experience. We decided to spend the Saturday night before at the Sheraton at the airport. We had an early flight and decided that would be the most convenient way to park our car and get a good nights rest. We arrived about 6:30 PM and brought our bags to our room. Then we headed downstairs to have a bite to eat and of course a drink in the bar so we could watch the Yale/ Quinnipiac hockey championship game. On the way out of the elevator we passed a couple. An older man and a young Asian woman.

"Did you see her?," I asked Jeanne. "She had on a skirt the size of a handkerchief and f--- me shoes." Not typical attire for the Sheraton at the Bradley Airport. But, oh well. As I now know airport hotels are the scene of many activities I never would have dreamed about.

We had a seat a little outside the bar area and right in front of the TV. Perfect! Burgers and cocktails and so much more. One after another coules arrived. Women so provocatively dressed we began to wonder about the dress code. Of course the men were nothing special but the women looked like hookers. "Something is going on here," said Jeanne.

On the way out we checked the message board. There was a meeting for Densitometry ( which has something to do with bone density) and the Friction Party. Probably NOT densitometry unless all those half dressed women were there for bone density tests. More likely the friction party.

So I looked up Friction Party. Lo and behold. They bill themselves as Hot Parties for Hot People. But apparently only the women have to be hot. You can come in couples or single women but no single men. Do the old geezers there feel threatened?  No sex or nudity in public areas, such as the ballroom. Imagine. What a bummer. You have to be screened to attend. They won't let just anyone in. And you need a wristband to parade around on the "private" floors. What a fun time THAT sounds like. Had I known it was going on I would have worn my sexy nurse outfit.

But alas. We just returned to our room and went to bed so we could leave early the next morning to learn new things to better care for our patients. Some people simply have way too much time on their hands.

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