Thursday, April 4, 2013

Exercise is Hell

April 4, 2013

I still go to the gym! Yes, I'm as surprised by that fact as you are. I hate to exercise. It's boring and mindless. But lately I've been finding that it energizes me in unexpected ways. I leave there feeling good about myself. Not only that I dragged myself there but I actually feel physically better.

I really enjoy the classes. Edge Flex, which is weights and a little cardio, pilates and yoga. I'm not really good at anything yet but I really try. However I HATE those show offs!! The women in the spandex (ok, maybe I'm just jealous), and the young girls who seem to exercise effortlessly. Last week I was warming up on the rowing machine. A women sat in front of me to stretch. She looked like a contortionist. All of a sudden she put her head up against the wall. Uh oh, was she having a seizure? A stroke? I looked down at my shirt to make sure I wasn't wearing the one that proclaimed I was a nurse. But no, nothing was wrong with her. She was simply getting ready to STAND ON HER HEAD. WHY??? Did she have to do that right near me? I wanted to go home after that display but I force myself to go to my class.

Class is another story in itself. A room with a wall of windows on one side and glass doors on the other so everyone walking by outside can look in. And always an enthusiastic instructor wearing a microphone. This past Saturday I went to Edge Flex. I've been there several times and was feeling pretty good about my technique. I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, "Wow, that person over there can hardly straighten her legs. Why are her knees bent at such a funny angle?" And if not bad enough she was wearing the same shirt that I was down to the exact color and matching socks. Wait a minute. Is that me? Yes, it was. OMG!! What am I thinking? How embarrassing!

But I'm going back tomorrow. Maybe I'll never be able to wear spandex but I never thought it was that attractive in the first place.

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