Thursday, April 18, 2013

O'Hare International Airport

April 18, 2013

Jeanne and I should be in our own homes right now getting ready for work tomorrow. We spent the week in Chicago at a nursing convention. Ensconced in our hotel in the city, going to lectures and dinners we were unaware of the extent of the storms in the west and Midwest. This morning we were so happy to find that our flight was not canceled as many others were scurrying to arrange new ways to get home. We arrived at O'Hare to find mass chaos. Hundreds of people waiting in line to check in and rebook. We got in line and while we were waiting to check in our flight was canceled. What to do???

Our flight could not be rebooked today or tomorrow for that matter. We could not fly to Hartford at all. We had to settle for a flight to White Plains tomorrow night. But Jeanne's car is in Hartford. So we had to enlist our families to help. Jeanne's husband to pick up her car and Josh to pick us up in White Plains.

So here we are in Glenview,Illinois. In a Wyndham Suites. Grateful that we have a place to stay as many people spent the night in the airport. And hoping that we can get out of here tomorrow. We met many people while we've been on this adventure who have been waiting here for days.

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