Thursday, July 24, 2014

My New Old Name

July 22, 2014

I legally changed my name several weeks ago. I thought it went pretty easily. One day I was Graboff the next day Mentone. Ah....but remembering that is not so easy. I was Graboff for more years than I was Mentone. How bizarre. To think I had someone else's name longer than my own. I remember considering not changing my name when I got married. Keeping your own name was a popular thing to do then. Or hyphenating. Believe me, Graboff was not a name I was fond of. In fact I clearly recall when my former brother-in-law Steve told us he wanted to change his last name. Even HE did not like it and he was born with it. But I willingly took it. What would happen when we had kids? I didn't want two different names in the house. It would be too confusing. Hyphenating was too long and I thought ridiculous. I wanted everyone to know we were clearly a family unit.

But now I'm confused. It takes forever to get all the documents changed. All the banks, licenses, social security card, credit cards, utility bills, passport, health insurance and I'm sure some things I haven't even thought of yet. I still sign things with my married name. It takes concentration to sign my new name. It doesn't flow as easily. And even though my kids are adults I feel sad not sharing their last name. I AM happy to have my new old name back. And I know that as with all things it will get easier and easier. But it is bittersweet.

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