Monday, December 16, 2013

Sandy Hook

December 16, 2013

This past Saturday marked one year since the Sandy Hook shooting. I remember being at work and seeing it unfold on the news during lunch. It started with a picture of the police at the school. What could possibly be happening in peaceful, sleepy, Sandy Hook, Connecticut? Lunch was over and we returned to work thinking it was just a false alarm. But the rest of the staff slowly came out of the break room with the shocking news. Little kids and their teachers were killed. No, it must be misinformation. That's just can't be possible. I thought back to 9/11 when we all watched the towers go down, crowded into the tv room at work.

But it was true. Slowly the reality began to sink in. Everyone knew someone from the school. It was truly horrifying. This year the residents asked to have the media stay away from their little town. They wanted to mourn and remember in private. And for the most part that wish was honored.

This morning I heard on "Sunday Morning" that the percentage of Americans that think we should have new gun control laws has gone down from last year. Unbelievable. And not to second guess the shooter's mom, parenting IS such a hard job, but if my child locked himself in his room and only communicated with me by email for months, I would NOT be purchasing a gun as his Christmas present. In fact that sort of behavior would only last a few hours before I broke down the door and MADE him talk to me. I can see Josh nodding in agreement. In fact a few hours is generous. I can't be silent for even a few minutes when I have something on my mind.

Such a tragedy for all concerned. Saturday night WTNH showed all the pictures of the victims on the news. Heartbreaking. I can't imagine how life goes on for those families. But many of them have gone on to advocate for gun control, mental health services and ways to keep their loved one memories alive. An inspiration and lesson for us all.


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