Friday, December 6, 2013

Squirrel Victory

December 6, 2013

I am a beaten, defeated woman. The squirrels have taken over my yard. In fact, I have even stooped to feeding them. I bought dried corn to nourish them. I have had a long talk with them about the fact that I am on their side as long as they don't hang upside down from my bird feeders and eat all the seed. I put the corn out ever day and even some bird seed that they can reach without ravaging the feeders. And for the most part it works. But every once in a while I find one of them joyously feasting from the feeders.

I am ashamed to admit that I have been known to run outside screaming like a lunatic and threatening to purchase a BB gun. Probably the reason I don't have a pistol permit. Although the squirrels would be far down on my list of targets. Anyway, it is mostly working. My cardinal couple is back and the rodents seem happy with the corn.

But today I was looking in the Agway brochure. Did you know they have deer food?!!! Do I have to feed them as well? They eat my crab apples, shrubs and tulip bulbs. Do I really want to attract them to my back yard? But they are beautiful to look at through my window. Especially when there is a soft dusting of snow on the ground. Delicate and serene. So maybe I will consider feeding them as well. Does that put me in the "crazy lady" category?

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