Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas in East Haven

December 3, 2013

This weekend I made a miraculous discovery. Not a discovery exactly. Well, a discovery for me. During a very long car trip Josh synched my Pandora to the car radio. Who knew? I love Pandora. AND I can switch from that to the radio and STILL receive phone calls!!! I'm so excited. Even though Josh said with disgust,"You really don't know how anything works, do you?" That's not exactly true but I am clueless as far as things like that are concerned. That's why I have kids to help me. Jocelyn is particularly patient and kind even though I'm sure they make fun of me when they leave here.

I've been enjoying this new feature everyday and am still amazed that it works so well. And on the way to work yesterday I heard my first Christmas Carol. "Christmas in East Haven." Or East'aven. My home town. The place I grew up and felt loved and nurtured. Going from my house which was SOOOO Italian to Margo and Annemarie's, which was SOOO Irish. The best of both worlds. Some people are offended by that song but it always makes me laugh. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves more. And anyway, who doesn't want to be invited to an Italian house for the holidays? The fish on Christmas Eve, the lasagna, the aginettes. The fruit bowl and nut tray. Limoncello. Come on. There's nothing better. So I don't take offense at the song. I know its just jealously that inspired it!!


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