Tuesday, December 24, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

December 24, 2013

I spent this past weekend at the Red Lion Inn In Stockbridge MA. I went with some trepidation as  the last time I was there on this particular weekend the kids were small and I was married. It has become a tradition for Margo and Anne and their families but I would be sort of a newbie. But oh the things I would have missed if I didn't go!

1. Hugs from Matt, who is hands down the best hugger in the world. Fred and his monkey. (you had
    to be there)

2. Watching Annemarie "work the room."

3. Consignment shopping with Margo where I purchased a new lady head. The pensive one that should
     remind me to think just a little before I act. ( Not my strong suit.)

4. Talking to John through the wall between our rooms.

5. Watching Kelsey sing Feliz Navidad with the Skipper.

6. Three french hens, Hilary, Bethany and Kelsey.

7. Megan and her five golden rings.

8. Lauren and her absolutely beautiful smile.

9. Shaun and his sexy voice singing to me in the lobby. Even if it was about throwing me overboard.
    Next year I want to do a rap song with him at Karaoke. Thinking Monster by Rihanna.

10. Being shown up in the gift giving by my new BFF, Patti. I'm going to start now for next year.

11. Gaining a new adopted daughter, Julia. I think she may like to try new restaurants almost as much
       as I do.

12. But most of all I'm glad I didn't miss the opportunity to see Gerald as the Partridge in the Pear Tree.
      Perfect! Lin, you made the whole weekend bringing everyone all together with your creativity and

Thank you all for making this so special for me.

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