Friday, June 13, 2014

Top Ten Summer

June 13, 2014

                                          Top Ten Reasons to LOVE Summer

Even though it has been raining in Connecticut for what seems like weeks I am so looking forward to my favorite season.

10. Longer days energize me. I actually go out after work instead of putting on my jammies.

9. Having lunch on the beach.

8. Sleeping with the windows open.

7. Reading on the beach.

6. My birthday. Okay it's not all about me. All the July birthdays, Lauren, Josh and Megan, too.

7. Peaches and tomatoes.

6. Listening to the radio (yes, my little portable radio) on the beach.

5. Hot dog roasts! Always think of Bud when I think cookouts.

4. Happy hour on the beach.

3. My huddle buddies.

2. Walking on the hot sand.


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