Monday, August 13, 2012


August 13, 2012

This is not about metaphorical bridges but actual ones. I had bridge phobia for a long time. I would sometimes get panic attacks driving over them and had to force myself to go over the Q to the shoreline. Sometimes I would blare the radio and sing or maybe talk to myself. It was better if someone was with me because I would be distracted by their conversation. How was I going to drive anywhere by myself if I couldn't go over a bridge?

I am proud to say that I have been traveling over bridges all summer. Both symbolically and literally. I  drove to the Cape twice. Once, alone to meet my friends in Harwich and just this weekend with my friends Alyson and Mary to go to Martha's Vineyard. On the high speed ferry! Oh, I forgot. I also tend to get sea sick occasionally. (I AM more fun than it sounds!) It was a great weekend in spite of the rain. I read on the porch, ate in great restaurants, bought myself some trinkets and drank alot.

I even did a sort of bar night. Alyson said next time I will have to actually talk to someone. But she is easing me in slowly. Easy for her. Most of the guys thought she was in her late twenties taking her mother out for a drink!

But I had a great weekend. So, go out. Do thing you wouldn't or couldn't do when you were married. Force yourself if you have to. You may find you actually enjoy yourself!

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  1. Sounds like you had a really nice time! You must have traveled the Old Saybrook bridge X 2, or did you go the long way around? I was REAL nervous the first time I rode over it on my motorcycle. White knuckles & death grip! For your bucket list... the seven mile bridge in the Keys. AWESOME!