Monday, August 6, 2012

Boys Are Stupid

August 6, 2012

Many years ago when Hilary was in grade school she would tell me about the antics of the boys in her class ( that was before I sent her to an all girls high school. ) I would say, "Boys are stupid. Look at you brother." Sorry, Josh. Not a reflection of your superior intellect! Love you to death! As she got older I modified that to include, "They don't get much smarter as they get older." I thought her father was an exception but even he has proven me right.

Mary and I went to the Yankees game this past Saturday. It was brutally hot and we were sitting in the cheap seats. The plan was to eat lunch at the concessions. Garlic fries and steak sandwiches. Being women of a certain age prompted us to check out the NYY Steakhouse. Beautiful bar, white tablecloths and AC! Whatever we saved on the seats we spent having a very lovely lunch. Steak sandwiches, fries and onion rings at ten times the price of the concessions.

Anyway we finally sat in our seats covered in suntan lotion. As the day went on the fans kept drinking beer. You know, to stay hydrated. Not much food being sold but lots of beer. The seventh inning came and every Yankees fan knows that is Kate Smith time. Her rendition of God Bless America. The man in front of us did not take off his hat. Do you have to do that for Kate Smith? The guys behind us thought so. They started heckling him. He gave them the finger. All of a sudden someone threw a water bottle at him. The security guard ran into the stands to eject him. As he came down the bleachers the brother of hat man tried to hit him. By this time the police were there and it was quickly squelched. But the little boy with them was clearly upset and crying.

Guys, is that part of baseball sportsmanship I don't know about? Does testosterone really rule all your actions? Are there any men out there who don't have to constantly prove how big their balls are? Of course, I'm referring to baseballs!

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