Friday, August 31, 2012

Mortensen's Ice Cream

August 31, 2012

I have a long weekend with no call! The last weekend of the summer. I hope I can concentrate on the positive instead of thinking of how the man I trusted with my life betrayed me. I can always turn to ice cream to soothe my soul.

This week Hilary and I went to Mortensen's for lunch and ice cream. There are two. One in Cromwell and one in Newington on the Berlin Turnpike. It is very much like a Friendly's but family run. It is in an unassuming building, somewhere I would never have stopped at in the past

We had a delicious lunch. Veggie burger and tuna melt. And homemade cole slaw. The hot dogs looked great! And the milk shakes!!! Wish I could have tried a little of everything. The ice cream was nothing special but the whole experience was fun. Having lunch with my daughter, trying a new ice cream place and shopping at a Marshalls we had never been to in Wethersfield made the day special.

Here's to the final summer weekend of 2012. To everyone who is going through a difficult time, get out in the sun and try to enjoy yourself. Start out slow if you have to, one step at a time.

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