Saturday, September 1, 2012


Sept 1. 2012

Getting my house ready for a single girls party tonight. This will be my first solo party. No one to help me cleanup, fix the porch, light the grill or man the bar. Kinda nervous! But they are all my friends and I know I can count on them to go easy on me.

One of the doctors I met on a medical mission sent me steaks from Omaha Steaks after reading about my grilling fears. She also sent me a great selection of wine. Although she is unable to join us tonight I will be toasting her generosity. Hope I don't screw anything up. But after the first few sips of wine what could go wrong?

I keep thinking I'm forgetting something....maybe its something HE used to take care of that I haven't considered. Going to make another inspection of the house. Will finish this after everyone leaves tonight.

So, everything went okay. Better than okay, I think. Everyone pitched in and helped. I really didn't work that hard. Appetizers and desserts supplied by my friends, lots of wine on hand, and truth be told the two Annies did the grilling. But grilling was done! Do I actually have to be the one to do it? I don't think so. I can have a party by myself! Mention WAS made that my chocolate martinis were not like Dave's but they were not on the menu. Next time they will have the chocolate swirl and the shavings on the top.

Thanks to Leigh Ann for a truly generous birthday gift. And thanks to my friends, Annie, Annemarie, Alyson, Mary, Lynn and Monica for sharing it with me. And to my married friends who weren't invited just think, you get to sleep next to someone who loves you tonight. You did not have to figure out how to open the hood of your daughter's car, in the dark, after everyone left, to fill it with windshield washer fluid. I'm sure you would have saved that job for the man of the house.

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