Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lady Gaga

September 27, 2012

I remember the first time I heard Lady Gaga. She was wearing the meat dress and I dismissed her as a kook. But then I started to actually pay attention. I liked her music and she reminded me very much of Madonna.

How could I not like someone born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta? A nice Italian girl who likes to cook and eat. The more I hear her speak the more I admire her. As a member of the "uncool crowd" I empathize with her. Her "Born This Way Foundation" helps to foster acceptance for everyone.

And today she is speaking out about body image, bulimia and anorexia. I don't know this for sure but I think it affects women more than men. Woman try so hard to look perfect. Men, it seems, not so much. We have all seen the pictures of truly ugly men with absolutely gorgeous women on their arms. Of course most of these men are rich and/or powerful. I'm not sure what they have in common with young beautiful women. Okay so maybe I can guess at the attraction. And I'm thinking it is not intellectual conversation.

Anyway, back to Lady Gaga. I was wrong about her. She is not a "kook." I think she is just like most women. A star, definitely. But trying to find acceptance like the rest of us. I applaud her for her stance on issues affecting young people today. Meat dress and all.

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