Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Make Over

September 5, 2012

I already told you how I had the house checked out on our joint credit cards. But I never did over the bedroom. My therapist suggested I might want to do that but my heart wasn't in it.

But one night I saw a movie where the husband came close to cheating on his wife but didn't. What a novel concept. Someone with morals and self restraint! The thought of what went on behind my back sickened me. I went upstairs and ripped down those Country Curtains, rods and all, and gave them to Josh to sell at a flea market. I bought a new bedspread and lamps, new curtains and sheets and new bathroom linens. Something with a more modern flair but still soft and calming. I keep fresh flowers in there now.

Someone suggested I get a new mattress as well. But is that really necessary? I love my Bob-O-Pedic. See, even there, we went with the less expensive version. I wonder if they are sleeping on a TemperPedic. Anyway I'm not sure I will need a new mattress for awhile, if ever. I can't imagine ever actually sleeping with someone again.

The nice thing about growing old with someone is that you are both aging at the same time. The wrinkles and the skin sagging happens to both of you. You "grow into it" together. The thought of being with someone new is both amusing and frightening. By the time I will be able to trust someone enough to sleep with them it will definitely be a lights out situation!

Just an update to my cold string bean and potato salad. After all you DO still have to eat. I made it again this weekend but added mint at the suggestion of my friend Lori and also sprinkled dry vermouth over the warm potatoes. Delicious!


  1. "...lights out situation!" Perhaps more for YOUR benefit and consideration. Seeing some of these seniors sitting by the pool ... oh my! You're still a fox.

    1. Jill,
      You had me laughing all day at work with that comment!

  2. Glad to make you smile! Looking forward to tomorrow's topic.