Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Leaf Peeping

September 25, 2012

Driving on the Merritt Parkway this week has proven that summer is truly over. The leaves are just starting to change color way up high in the tree tops. If you don't look closely you might miss them. But even without the leaves changing it is hard to miss the change in the weather. It is cool in the morning when I leave for work and cool in the evening after the sun goes down. Sweater weather. No more cute summer tops or sandals.

I finally went and bought the hay and mums for the yard. Yesterday I bought the pumpkins. It doesn't look exactly like it did in the past but nothing is like it was before. I hope to enjoy the colors and the cooler weather. But for some reason the change of seasons has been a really hard time for me emotionally.

 I never got to finish all the ice cream places but pretty soon it will be too cold to enjoy ice cream. I'll just have to move on to Connecticut wineries.

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