Friday, September 21, 2012

At Last

September 21, 2012

Another weekend is upon us. Last weekend I decided to stay home for the most part. I was planning to clean the house and catch up on things because I had been busy this month. The kids were gone and I would be alone. Also I felt that I should slow down and reflect instead of constantly running.

I did go out for dinner Saturday night with a couple I socialized with when I was married. I got them in the divorce. But then again I got ALL the couples. Everyone we went out with were connected to us through me. I was a little nervous that it would be awkward and I would feel like a "third wheel." But it wasn't that way at all.  I realized I carried most of the conversation when we went out. Surprise, surprise.

Anyway except for that I was home. I decided to put Etta James radio on my Pandora. Her song, At Last, was made popular at President Obama's inauguration. But many of her hits and those of her contemporaries were bluesy and sad and sexy. Fool That I Am, I'd Rather Go Blind, All I Could Do Was Cry and I Just Want To Make Love To You. Not the tunes to listen to when you are already feeling melancholy and lonely. Dusting, vacuuming, crying and slow dancing by yourself is not the way to spend a weekend.

So this weekend I will try to find a happy medium between frantically going out and hibernating in the house. And what's wrong with going out anyway?

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