Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is Everyone Married?

September 13, 2012

It seems to me as if everyone is married. When I go to the grocery store and someone talks to me or even just walks by me I always check for the ring. In fact that's the first thing I do no matter where I am. And they are ALL married. Everywhere I go is inhabited by married people. Restaurants, movie theaters, work, the beach. If I go out on a Saturday night everyone is coupled. Where are all the millions of single and divorced people I keep reading about in newspapers and magazines?

I was appalled when Margo told me to look in the obituaries for women around my age who have died. But now I find myself actually looking! How sick. So, maybe I have to start attending more wakes! Showing up with the casserole for the grieving widower. Only kidding. There are some things worse than being alone and that is one of them.

Someone recently told me on line dating and bar hopping does not work for women my age. So I guess that leaves volunteering at the senior center or moving to Miami.

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