Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jury Duty

September 20, 2012

I have to share my jury duty story because whenever I think about it I laugh. I was supposed to go to jury duty back in January. I was in no shape to do that at that time. I called the special phone number to explain my situation. I tried really hard not to cry as I was talking. I never even had to finish the whole story. The young lady on the phone immediately said, "Just pick another date." So I picked a date in May. Surely I would be able to handle jury duty by then.

Well, May came sooner than I had imagined. I was now dealing with the certain demise of my marriage and my sister's illness. Taking care of two households after never doing anything like that before. Surely when I got there I would be excused.

Except I wasn't. We were picked for a criminal case with a particularly tough judge. But I was sure I could talk my way out of serving. I went up there in front of the defendant, the lawyers and the bailiff and told a real sob story. The judge simply looked at me and asked, "Will your sister be without care if you serve?" When I said no he told me I would not be dismissed. And when the lawyers found out I had never watched any of the many CSI shows on TV I was a keeper.

I reported on the assigned day. While we were waiting I started talking to another juror. She was a teacher. She told me she had called the law clerk to see if we could be dismissed early on Wednesday because her daughter had a wedding gown fitting. REALLY? We all got called to take roll and the clerk said to her, "You're dismissed from the jury because of your conflict."!!!!! I couldn't believe it. What about me? What about the fact that my life has been turned upside down?

We spent five days at the trial. It turned out to be a very interesting experience. I've always been interested in the law and really enjoyed the inner workings of the court. No more efficient than the medical system! But, I got an HOUR for lunch and always left early. I would do it again in a minute. So everything does happen for a reason!

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  1. Also enjoyed my jury duty experience. Annoying to hear of lady being dismissed because of her "conflict". Maybe the daughter was buying from Kleinfeld's and going to appear om "Say Yes to the Dress"