Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Goodbye July

August 1, 2012

Yeah!! July is over. Normally the best month of the year for me. I love the summer, the beach, the warmth, the days lasting longer. And all my celebrations. My mother's birthday was in July and two of my best friends have children born in July. But this year it was just something to "get through." And I did. Thanks to my friends and my kids. Everyone went above and beyond to keep my spirits positive. But like I said before, sometimes a street sign, a memory, a TV commercial, will bring it all crashing around you. When you least expect it.

I am sure you can tell by yesterday's blog that it would have been my 31st anniversary. Instead of being on vacation like I had planned I went to work for half a day. But I was determined not to mope around when I got home.

I decided to go to The Collins Creamery with Hilary for ice cream. It is in Enfield. Who knew Enfield was so far away? Not being good with directions (and that's an understatement!) I put the address in my GPS. However I failed to look at the distance until we hit Hartford. I thought it said 36 more miles. But it couldn't. That would be almost in Massachusetts. Right at that point the GPS decided to stop working. I quickly got out my IPhone but I am not as familiar with using that for directions. But guess what? We found the place. And it was very near Longmeadow MA. It was a very long ride for ice cream, especially after waking up at 4:30 AM for work that morning.

The Collins Creamery is adorable. A quaint white building set on a farm. Cows were in the pasture next to us. I even bought a gorgeous pot of zinnias for my porch. The ice cream, coconut chocolate chip and Collins Compost (brownie batter base and oreo cookies) was flavorful and creamy. No ice, Josh! They had lots of flavors to choose from and also had soft serve and frozen yogurt. And as an added treat I found a Marshall's to stop at on the way home.

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