Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beach Day

August 7, 2012

Last Friday I took a road trip with my childhood friends, Margo and Annemarie. We went to Scarborough beach in Rhode Island. Since I had received my consolation prize (a new car) in the divorce settlement we had been talking about taking a day trip. We piled our beach gear in the trunk and took off early. For some reason I did not plug in the GPS and of course we got a little lost. But we finally arrived.

 It's not as easy to go to the beach as it was when we were teenagers. So much paraphernalia. Towels, blankets, food, umbrellas. One for each of us and an extra one just in case. Clothes to change into when we were done. Makeup, soap, jewelry etc. We planned to shower there and go out to dinner.

After spending all day in the sun we packed up to make the trek to the car. I'm not sure which one of us said, "Next time we're spending the night at the hotel across the street!" But we all agreed, it was getting way too hard to make do without the luxury of a room to freshen up in.

After eating at the Coast Guard Restaurant we started home. Margo was on a mission to find an ice cream place to try. She spent half the way home looking on her IPhone and finally found Dad's of Niantic. We stopped there and had LLBean muddy bean boots(peanut ice cream with brownie bits) and black raspberry chocolate chip. It was delicious and creamy. Dad's is a clam shack across from the beach in Niantic and from what I could see the food looked pretty good. Typical fried seafood.

So all in all a good weekend. Beach, Yankees and food. Some good days and some incredibly painful moments. Hopefully time will help.


  1. There are hundreds if not thousands of woman this happens to everyday. I happen to know a few personally. Sure it hurts, but do you really want nasty seconds cause that's what you would have had. He really didn't deserve you. Move on because this is a cloud with a silver lining and something much better is around the corner. You may not see it now and you most likely aren't even interested, but someday you like cream will rise to the top. And he my friend will be floating at the bottom of an empty cup of coffee. YOU will survive and someday in some way he's gonna look back and realize he lost the BEST woman he EVER had. BTW you're still a knock out after all these years. From somebody who has known you a VERY LONG TIME. Good Luck :)

    1. Thanks for the above. I know you are alot younger than me but maybe its time for glasses!
      Appreciate your kind thoughts though.