Thursday, August 9, 2012


August 9, 2012

So many people have asked the same questions either directly or to one of my friends. Here are some answers.

1. Yes.  I am staying in "that house." It's not that big, I love my kitchen and now I have lots of new
     things to enjoy.

2. No.  I don't want to move to "the shoreline." As impossible as that is to believe!

3. No.  I had no clue he was cheating. Even though the signs were all there.

4. Yes.  I am a strong person but this is VERY hard.

5. Yes. It's true, I had no idea what our finances were like.

6. No. I am not increasing my work hours unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

7. No. The KY jelly did not belong to me.

8. Yes. I do miss having a man around the house.

9. And to the people who implied he is such a stud for "converting" a lesbian (apparently the fantasy  
     of many men. Who knew?) and to the few who actually had the nerve to ask me, maybe she just
     has nothing to compare him with.

10. Just an update on my garden. I have picked four very small grape tomatoes from my container
      plants. But Hindinger's tomatoes and peaches are delicious this year. Last night I made a tomato
      and peach salad with my freshly picked basil.


  1. How could I forget the amazing combination of tomatoes and peaches! I will have to go food shopping tomorrow to make one! How did yours come out? Anything like the delicious one we had on Josh's birthday?

    1. I made another tonight only with nectarines, red onions and fresh mozzarella. There is nothing like summer farm grown tomatoes.