Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Movie Party

August 21, 2012

Several Sundays ago I decided to have a movie party for myself. It was something Dave and I did sometimes on Sunday afternoon. He would make a special cocktail and we would prep for dinner and then put on a movie. Halfway through we would stop and make dinner and then watch the rest of the movie. That was until he told me he didn't enjoy cooking with me any longer. But that's a story for another day.

Anyway this time there was no special cocktail, just bourbon on the rocks. My new favorite drink. I'm not sure what the dinner plan was that night. But I had snacks and drinks. What more could I ask for?

I settled down on the sofa and put in the movie. Nothing. Completely blank screen. OMG!! What to do? I'm wasn't quite sure. I had never handled those kinds of problems. Hilary was at work and Josh was in New Jersey. First, I cried a little. Then I talked to myself. "Cut it out," I said. "You're being ridiculous." I checked the remotes, turned the TV on and off, and stared at the DVD player. Finally I went to the computer and tried to find the trouble shooting guide on line. Something I had seen Jocelyn do when she set up the TVs at my sister's house. Only she used her IPhone but the writing is soooo small. Suddenly I remembered that earlier in the day I had dusted behind the TV. I looked back there and lo and behold I found a wire that had become disconnected. It was fixed. I DID IT!!! All by myself.

So I did enjoy watching "We Need To Talk About Kevin," with Tilda Swinton. Kind of a downer but I'm told I like dark movies and plays. But the real joy was knowing that I had gotten the best of that DVD player!

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