Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mad Martha's

August 14, 2012

Besides eating great seafood and drinking last weekend I also had the chance to try two of the Vineyards ice cream parlors. Instead of lunch we substituted ice cream cones.

Vineyard Scoops is in Edgartown. Their ice cream was just so-so. I got Mounds. Instead of coconut ice cream it was chocolatey and did not have much coconut flavor. I was accused by my friends of being an ice cream snob and too much of a city girl to appreciate the simple flavors of the island.

The next day we tried Mad Martha's. We took the bus to Vineyard Haven to shop and again traded lunch for ice cream. I had Reese's Cream. It was a wonderful combination of sweet cream ice cream with huge chunks of peanut butter cups. Mary had her favorite Peppermint. I never  saw Peppermint like this one. It had red and green pieces of peppermint stick and although I'm not a fan of that it looked delicious.

So I would have to vote for Mad Martha's as my favorite ice cream place in the Vineyard. And although I much prefer the city I could get into island living for short periods of time. Especially if I could live in one of those big "cottages" by the water!

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