Monday, November 5, 2012

Top Ten Things To Do Without Power

November 5, 2012

1. Light candles. And if you have listened to your friends and bought lanterns, light them too.

2. As soon as the power goes out take a candlelit bath while the house is still warm. 

3. Go to work. It will save your sanity and focus your mind on real problems.

4. Forget looking good. I put my makeup on at work and had my hair tied back for five days!

5. Go to the package store and get takeout for dinner.

6. Stay calm. Things will get better.

7. Wrap yourself in warm blankets and in the morning dress under the covers.

8. Thank the utility workers. They are doing their jobs under adverse conditions. It is not their fault
    you don't have power.

9. When your friends extend their homes to you, say yes! I have tried lots of new hair products,
    soaps and perfumes this week. And been enveloped in warmth that doesn't come from electricity.

10. THE top ten thing to do with no power requires another person. (Most of the time) And if I have
      to  tell you what it is you haven't been reading closely enough!

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