Monday, November 12, 2012

Tire Pressure

November 12, 2012

Last week a light went on in my car. It was the tire pressure light. Did I mention I HATE car maintenance? I let it go for a few days hoping it would just go off on its own. But it didn't. It was dark when I pulled into the gas station. I drove up to the air pump and got out. It was FREEZING. The pump said deposit 75 cents for gauge but air was free. A gauge? Really? I knew I had something like that at home in my junk drawer.

So I tried to use the air pump. Okay. Should I take those black rubber caps off the tires? I decided to try putting the contraption over the rubber caps. No go. So I gingerly unscrewed them hoping the air wouldn't come gushing out of the tire. Great!! I think I put air into the two right tires but wasn't sure. By now I was freezing and my hands were filthy. I couldn't bear to turn the car around and try the other side. Not to mention that I couldn't see because it was dark. And I was meeting Josh and Jocelyn for dinner. I got back in the car and the low pressure light was still on.

Later that night I was talking to Annie on the phone. She said I needed to have the gauge etc... and she would help me. But when I got up the next morning I went out there with the gauge and figured out the back two tires are low on air. Now I just have to figure out how to get the air from the pump to the tires!! Whatever happened to full service gas stations? BTW I  HATE to pump my own gas as well.

I went out on a mission but couldn't find a gas station that had air pumps. The one I did find was out of service. Then I remembered I had an air pump at home. We used it to blow up the floats for the kids. I dug it out from the shelf in the garage. It made an unbearably loud noise when I started it. I filled up all the tires, used the gauge and then started the car. Oh NO. The light was still on. Feeling very frustrated and late to meet my friend Alyson at the movies, I left. My plan was to find a service station the next day that did auto repairs and throw myself at their mercy. But as I was driving down the street I looked at the dashboard and the light was out. I DID IT!!!! Who would ever think that little act would make me so happy! But now I can add it to my list of firsts! Pretty soon I'm going to have Jocelyn show me how to change a tire!


  1. It's not all that hard to change a tire--just unpleasant. If you can figure out how to fill your tires without help, you'll be able to do the miserable tire change. I agree about the pumping of gas, that's one thing that Jersey has on Connecticut. Maybe the only thing...

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