Monday, November 19, 2012

New Haven Restaurant Week

November 19, 2012

Last week was Restaurant Week in New Haven. In truth not that spectacular of a deal unless you are into eating a lot of food at one time, but fun. So many people were out and about right before the craziness of the holiday season.

I tried Press Pizza twice. Once with my "loving son" and once with my friend Annie. Not your typical New Haven pizza parlor. It is small, intimate and very upscale. The menu features artisnal pizza but has lots of other items as well. The salads are delicious as was the macaroni and cheese and the tuna tartar. On Friday the Christmas decorations were up. A little early for me but beautiful. All gold and glittery.

Next on the list was Ibiza. Another upscale restaurant that I ordinarily wouldn't go to in the middle of the week. Again with Josh and Jocelyn. Delicious Spanish food in a very refined atmosphere. Of course when I made the reservations I called the wrong restaurant. Istanbul Cafe was listed right above Ibiza. I had to grovel at the desk to get a table as they were very busy. But Istanbul is another of my favorites so it would have been okay to eat there.

And finally Carmen Anthony's with friends from work. A delicious steak and mashed potatoes. And a traditional steakhouse cheesecake for dessert. (something I would NEVER have ordered.) All good. And fun to be out during the week when I would have ordinarily be hibernating in my house.

It's a good thing my ankle has healed enough to allow me to start walking again for exercise. (My orthopod friend was right, I needed to wear sturdier shoes. Sexy, huh?)  After this week I certainly need it! Might even be time to start going to the gym with Hilary!


  1. Why is LOVING SON in quotation marks?

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    1. I guess I should've said something more flattering about myself.