Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Faithful Women Wanted

November 7, 2012

Whenever I sign into my gmail account I am treated to ads. The first time I noticed that they were somewhat specific to my life I freaked out! After I looked up information on Hong Kong I started noticing ads for things to do there. Who was monitoring my activities??? How did they know I was planning a trip to Asia? Then I started paying more attention. Ads for nursing jobs and things to do in Manhattan started to appear. OMG. Big brother was finally here.

Now, whenever I sign in, one of the ads is always from a site called REALLY? Now I'm a SENIOR!!! And it always starts with Faithful Women Wanted. Why just faithful women? Is it because men can't BE faithful? In my case I'm just looking for an honest man. At least if you are going to cheat on me be honest about it. Don't tell me you were out Christmas shopping.

Maybe I can start a new web site called MATUREmenwanted. Are there any out there?

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