Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sleeping With Walter

November 20, 2012

After I finished watching The Sopranos I was looking for a new series. An acquaintance suggested Breaking Bad. It is on AMC but I've been watching it on my IPad after I settle into bed. (No TV in the bedroom) Josh didn't think I would like it because it involves drug activity and at first I didn't like it at all. I HATED Walter. He was sneaky, passive-aggressive and self centered. I tried to be sympathetic to his character because he has lung cancer  (the reason he was "cooking" meth and selling it, so he could make money for his treatments and to support his family.) He is a genius chemist who missed the boat with a high tech company where he could have made millions so now he is working as a high school science teacher.

Jesse was the reason I kept watching. He is the assistant and responsible for the actual selling of the "product." A former student of Walter's and recovering(sort of) addict he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, or so I thought. But he has developed into a compassionate, thoughtful human being. Someone who can stand up for his beliefs no matter how screwed up. And Skylar, the wife. Tall, blonde and beautiful with big boobs. Something I always coveted! (If I were to make a deal with the devil it would be that. To be tall, blonde, with long legs and HUGE boobs!) She looks good even when she gets up in the morning.

Walter was a different story. Mean and sarcastic. But he is growing on me. Not so mean as he would like you to think. He actually stepped up for Jesse which elevated him in my eyes. Maybe he is just a scared, flawed human being who is trying to survive. Like the rest of us.

I am on Season 4. I think the current season is 5. I am already thinking about my next series. The girls at work suggested Sex and the City. I must be the only woman in America who has never seen one episode. But I don't know if I can transition from two highly charged shows to something so light. Yes Josh, I do like dark stories. Maybe they can bring back Tony and all the Italian food they used to eat all the time. I would much rather sleep with a nice (?) Italian man.