Friday, May 31, 2013

Nursing Reform Bill

May 31, 2013

Senator Barbara Boxer, D-California has proposed a bill in congress that establishes nurse-patient ratios, protects whistle blowers, and invests in nurse mentorship. Its a long time coming. California has had minimum staffing ratios since 2004. It is imperative that we maintain a safe environment for our patients.

What the lay person may not always realize is your nurse is your first line of defense when you are hospitalized. They are with you 24 hours a day and are your best advocate. We are a team, physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapist, etc. But only your nurse is responsible for you every minute of his/her shift. We will most likely be the first to notice a change in your condition and report it to your physician. We will make sure you receive all your medications, get bathed and fed, get to tests on time and be there to listen to you. We wil advocate for you. We are an invaluable asset to your speedy recovery. And when recovery is not possible it is most likely a nurse who will be there to comfort you.

This bill was before the senate in the past. I hope it is passed this time. Proper staffing ratios allows us to provide the kind of compassionale care that all patients deserve.

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