Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Haven Restaurant Week

May 16, 2013

Restaurant Week was several weeks ago. I love to try new places and I love to support the New Haven community. Even though they increased the time you have to pay on the parking meters, which was a really stupid move. It's hard enough to get people from the suburbs into big, bad New Haven. This just made it worse.

But I'm a committed street parker. It's part of the fun of the adventure. I have been known to drive around for quite some time before succumbing to a parking lot. But now I need a lot more quarters or find a meter that takes credit cards.

Anyway we tried only two restaurants this time. Josh never ate at Goodfella's so we went there. I've been there many times and I know that I've gotten the same food at Ladies Night for a lot less but it was a place even Hilary would enjoy. So the four of us went one night and more important than the food was the fact that we were all together. The other choice was Crown 116. A place I knew Josh and Jocelyn would love but not so much for Hilary. We went on a night she was working and had amazing drinks and a delicious meal. I picked off the menu and got a great appetizer. Crostini made with burrata, prosciutto, fruit preserve, olive oil and sea salt. I could go there just to have that again. Yummy. And just to top off the week we went to Lenny and Joe's on Long Wharf that Sunday. Not part of Restaurant Week but I had an yearning for fried seafood. Beautiful setting. I've always loved to eat there no matter what the restaurant because of the location. Typical fried seafood. But the best part was I had my first soft shell crabs of the season!

So, now you know why I drag myself to the gym. Hopefully I can break even between eating and exercising!

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