Sunday, May 5, 2013

Springtime in Connecticut

May 5, 2013

My yard looks so beautiful! Everything is blooming. Brian did spring cleanup and today Dom mowed the lawn. When I look out my back window in the morning I feel so happy to see the birds at my feeder and my trees in bloom. A time of renewal and reenergizing. This weekend was mild and sunny. A beautiful time in New England.

Of course last year I felt totally different. The flowers and trees just reminded me of all I had lost. I couldn't imagine how I would keep up with the yard work. I didn't even WANT to keep up with it. But  I have gotten used to hiring people to help me. Dom has been mowing the lawn for years and I guess I will be getting used to looking outside and seeing Brian, not a stranger anymore, doing the things outside that Dave once did.

So progress is being made. I love to drive up my driveway and see the daffodils and peonies. I have always loved the view outside my bedroom window of the back yard in bloom. In a week or so the apple tree will bloom. That was always my favorite. The doors and windows are open and I can hear the chimes outside. Friday night Hilary, Annie and I ate Indian food on the porch. Asure sign that summer is just around the corner.

So I lost some but now I realize all the things I had and kept and gained. My kids and friends and a new daughter-in-law. No they didn't get married but I can act like they did. Maybe the ceremony will follow! ( What do you think, Howard?) And now two new kitties who are taking their sweet time adjusting to their new environment. And I seem to have found my smile and sense of humor.

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