Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Laundry Day

May 22, 2013

Does anyone under thirty know how to fold clothes? I know you do, Eric. Even when you were in eighth grade and I picked you up from Cheshire Academy you were neat. Am I wrong in remembering a garment bag? Pants and shirt and jacket neatly hung up with your tie draped over the hanger. While Josh had his clothes rolled up in a ball. The shirt I so lovingly ironed totally wrinkled. Just thrown in the back of the van. I AM remembering it all correctly, aren't I?

I know my kids don't fold or iron. Ironing wouldn't even be necessary if the clothes were only folded properly. Am I the only one who feels this way? Is folding a lost art? I know it doesn't take brains just a little thought. I love to take things out of the dryer and fold them neatly. Is it something Jennie taught me? Or did I just learn by watching her?

And not only folding but laundry itself seems to be problem. Everything thrown into one wash. Whites, colors, delicates, towels. sometimes so stuffed in there I don't think they really get cleaned. Why? It actually hurts me to see it! Am I responsible for this flaw? Did I fail at some critical parenting detail? And is there still time to turn it around?

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