Thursday, June 6, 2013

Epic Go Live

June 6, 2013

This week was the start of our new computer documentation system at work.  After HOURS of training we finally got to work with the program in real time. All I can say is "It's about time!!!"

Stress levels were very high for everyone. Nurses don't take to change all that easily. I worked Saturday and Sunday so was able to get familiar with the chart while we were slow. But Monday morning we began a typical day. When we arrived at work there was a plethora of tech support. Staff from Epic in Wisconsin inundated us with their presence. And they were all so YOUNG. I was asking 22 year olds to help me navigate my charting. But finally after some glitches and frustrating moments I finally got the hang of it. And when all else failed old fashioned note writing is available. Only now it is legible and accessible to all.

Through out it all we had to remember to LOOK at our patients. The reason we were there! And for the most part I think we succeeded in putting them at ease. Lots of explanations and reassurances that they would be taken care of just like they were in the past. At least I hope we conveyed that sentiment. And I know in a few weeks this will be old hat to us. I am continually awed at the adaptability of nurses. We are able to modify the craziest of changes and STILL care for our patients. And to all the colleagues I work beside everyday and all the nurses who came to support us from other areas, you are the BEST. It is going so well because of you and your commitment to superior patient care.

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