Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beach Perfume

June 13, 2013

Tuesday I went to the Westfarms Mall with Hilary. I wanted to order a sofa from Pottery Barn. I was so sure of what I wanted. Finding a sofa has been a year in the making. But when I got there I really wanted the sectional that I had seen in Westport which I thought wouldn't fit. I was sure it was smaller than the behemoth I have now and Hilary agreed. So back to measuring the room all over again.

To get over my disappointment we went to Sephora. A must stop on any mall or Manhattan visit. One of my favorite places. All that makeup to try. And perfume. As soon as I got there I found this perfume called Beach by Bobbi Brown. I tried it immediately and then proceeded to smell my arm for the rest of the day. And to make Hilary smell it also in case I had it wrong. Yes, it smells just like the beach. The sun, the lotion, the hot sand, the salt water and just a little glistening of sweat. My favorite place to be in the summer.

I am still trying to exorcise the very painful sentence I heard in couples therapy. "Did you think I actually enjoyed going to the beach with you?" Wow, really low blow. He knew the beach was my favorite place. And I thought we had an agreement. In the winter I would go wherever. I hiked and tried cross country skiing. Spent all day in big cities (which I loved but was never very relaxing) but come a beach vacation all I really wanted to do was sit myself in a sand chair and read, do the crossword puzzle and take a quick dip in the water.  Maybe a little walk along the surf. I didn't want to play frisbee or "body surf." But I guess Anita Pedulla didn't mind doing any of that. I wonder if she still does.

Oh well. Last year I spent several days in the Cape with Margo, Fred and Annemarie. I still remember being so proud that I drove there alone and even stopped for breakfast on my way home. I'm going back this year and really looking forward to the beach, the lobster dinner and laughing with old friends. AND this year I'm renting a cottage in Martha's Vineyard with some friends. I still remember being stunned by his statement but I am trying not to let his rationalizations rule my life. I refuse to do that. He has moved on so easily and it is time for me to do so as well. Although nothing about this has been easy.

As for the sofa, it will fit. Now I'm trying to decide if I have enough courage to order it online.

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  1. you sound so very clever and i love the way you write.We have all chosen the wrong men at times and didn't know it but if he could come ourt and say THAT to you, you are superior to him and in many ways fortunate that he moved on to "lucky Anita:.You just havn't seen it yet.You wear that bEACH smell,,go to the creep and keep writing.. You are good at it..