Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Anniversary Top Ten

June 22, 2013

Today is my new one year anniversary. I have to pass the "I got divorced this year" torch off to someone else. I will miss that excuse for things gone wrong. Here's my Top Ten Anniversary List.

                              Top Ten Things I Am Grateful For This Year

10. The taxpayers of the State of New York no longer have to spend their funds paying for an affair.

9. When I check my credit card bills I know what all the charges are for.

8. I don't have to waste another minute checking the Verizon phone numbers.

7. When I answer the phone I don't have to worry about hearing that my "husband" has decided not to
     come home that weekend.

6. When I climb into my comfortable bed at night I don't worry that other people have been in it.

5. I can go to Manhattan without feeling depressed that I probably won't be moving there.

4. I like my job, which is a good thing because I won't be retiring early as planned.

3. I love my friends. They have supported me through the worst of times.

2. Ditto for my kids.

1. When I come through the door after working all day I don't have to wonder where the man who is
     kissing me has had his mouth just hours before. Mostly because there IS no one kissing me. But I've
     finally come to realize that is better than the alternative.

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