Monday, June 10, 2013

Down With Peapod

June 10, 2013

Most people I know hate to go to the grocery store. I've always loved food shopping. I love to wander up and down the aisles looking at everything. I love to pick out just the right fruit and vegetables. I love to discover things I've never tried. Peapod? Why would I want other people to pick out my food? It would save time but I would not have the pleasure of finding that special ingredient or of impulse buying. Everyone needs a little impulse buy every now and then. Although it would keep me from purchasing potato chips. A struggle I have with myself every time I go into the store. "Just a small bag wouldn't hurt. You don't have to eat the whole bag at once," says the voice in my head. I leave with a bag of chips about fifty percent of the time.

Grocery shopping is quiet time for me. I used to try to go by myself when the kids were little. It was sometimes the only alone time I would have all week. For awhile I cried a lot in the grocery store but lately I've gone back to enjoying the experience. And not just the supermarkets but Hindingers is open again for the season. All that just picked produce. Last week I bought asparagus that had been harvested right before I got there. This summer Jocelyn and I are participating in the CSA at Hindingers. Every week we will get a crate of their harvest. I'm can't wait to try some new recipes.

So no Peapod for me. I want to get down and dirty with my food! After all what's the sense of having a gorgeous refrigerator if it is not filled with food.

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