Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scarborough Beach

June 18, 2013

I just got back from a very mini vacation in Rhode Island. One night sleepover with Margo, Annemarie and Patti. It's funny how one night away at the beach can be so therapeutic. We stayed in a cheap motel right across from Scarborough Beach. A really gorgeous beach. The motel was in a perfect location and harkened back to the 1960's when I used to vacation with my uncle in Lake George and Wildwood. Not even an ice machine! The elderly owner would take ice trays out of his refrigerator for our drinks!

We had a blast! And not one person wanted me to play frisbee or body surf. We had a really good seafood dinner at George's Sunday night and I started my ice cream search after dinner at Aunt Carries. How disappointing! Tasteless and icy. Really icy. The first time I can remember throwing away an ice cream. The next day we went there again for lunch. Why? Equally as tasteless as the ice cream! Lobster roll, hot dog, and shrimp. Actually the shrimp looked like they came from a bag pre breaded. So that place is crossed off our list.

On the way home we hit some consignment stores. One really good one in Wakefield and then more ice cream. This time was much better. Brickley's in Wakefield. A typical New England Main Street. I had Orange Pineapple which was very unusual for me. It was delicious. Tasted like summer on a cone! I'm glad I tried something new. The start of a great summer. And I wore my Beach perfume the entire weekend! Even though we all agreed I could have saved $60.00 and bought a tube of Coppertone!

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