Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Top Ten

July 23, 2012

                                    Top Ten Best Things About Being Divorced

10. No sex.

9. Reading in bed. ( Without listening to sighing )

8.  Sleeping with Tony. ( Soprano. I've been watching the show for the first time. Makes me want to 
                                       be a mob wife!)

7. Not hearing "What are we doing about lunch?"

6. Sitting on the beach without feeling guilty.

5. Not having the TV on 24/7.

4. Not having to pretend I'm interested in politics.

3. Being content in my home.

2. Realizing how special my friends and family are to me.

1. Getting closer to my children than ever before. Whether they want to or not!

I promise this will be the last list for awhile!

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