Monday, July 30, 2012

The Schmackery

July 30, 2012

Another birthday down. Joshua turned 27 on Saturday. We celebrated in Manhattan as we very often do for birthdays. We saw a play, One Man, Two Guvnors' at the Music Box Theater. It was hilarious. We laughed through the entire performance. Which kept me from getting morose and saying something to break the mood. We had lunch at Le Marseille, a french restaurant near the theater. We have eaten there in the past. When his father was around to share his celebrations. But this time it was Jocelyn and I.  However even without Dave, the food was just as good as we remembered.

But what I really want to talk about is The Schmackery. No, it is not a new form of sadomasochism. Not that I would know much about S&M. But this is a cookie shop in Hells Kitchen right near the restaurant. We passed it as we were going to lunch and I saw that they make ice cream sandwiches. I knew I would be saving room for one. We finished lunch at 1:15. The play was not until 2. Josh was worried about filling the gap but I knew exactly where we were headed.

We all shared one sandwich. Vanilla bean gelato in between two cookies of our choice. I picked a cookie made with candied bacon, maple syrup, toffee bits and sea salt. ( As if the bacon were not salty enough.) I know it sounds weird but it was unbelievably delicious. Jocelyn picked a banana, peanut butter cookie. At least I think she picked it. I was so excited I may have picked it for her.

It was the perfect way to spend time before we could take our seats. I will definitely be returning there next time I am in the city. Until then I am going to try to find a recipe for the cookies. Anyone know where to buy candied bacon?

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