Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Secret Garden

July 24, 2012

Before anyone thinks this is an X rated blog, calm down. I'm really going to talk about my vegetable and herb garden. As you can tell I love to cook and eat good food. I delight in going out to my deck and picking basil and parsley to put in my food. And there is nothing like tomatoes from your own garden.

For many years Dave planted a garden on the side of our house. All enthusiastic in the beginning. Planting not only tomatoes but eggplant, peppers, lettuce and squash. But as the summer went on he became less enthusiastic about keeping the garden maintained. And I learned he silently resented my "nagging" about weeding and watering. Funny, the things you learn when your husband has taken to sleeping with a tramp.

I never enjoyed yard work. But this year I was determined to have a garden. I hired someone to till for me. I planted tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. I watered and staked. And the deer, the rabbits and whatever is living under my shed (and the two babies it has had)  have eaten everything! The squirrels have been eating all my bird seed. My daughter says they have a right to eat too. I have finally given up on the garden. But I am still determined to get the best of the squirrels. Maybe a BB gun? Just kidding!!!

I have been buying tomatoes at Hindinger's farm and have put pots with herbs on my deck. I have beautiful basil and sage but the parsley has bitten the dust. I love the flowers I have planted all around the house. I'm thinking next year I'll just plant herbs and flowers and buy the vegetables at a farm stand. You have to learn when to say enough is enough.

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