Friday, July 27, 2012

It was my Party.

July 27, 2012

So, as the song goes I did cry a little yesterday. Six months ago Annie told me I would feel better by my birthday and I did. I spent a very relaxing day at home and went out to dinner with some of my friends and my kids. Even blew out a candle. Ortwo.  Dinner at Ludal's in North Haven was delicious. Good food, great bar and even better company. But it was bittersweet.

However it beat last years birthday in spite of the tornado warnings (how appropriate.) Last year my then husband could not even manage to get me a gift. He claimed he couldn't get to the store because he was recovering from shoulder surgery. As you will remember, from an injury he received in Montauk with the Big Shlokeh(arabic.) But he had no trouble driving to motels in Setauket in my car because it was an automatic. I drove his 12 year old standard to work everyday because I felt bad for him. Unbelievable. As my friend Mary is fond of saying there are worse things than being alone. After the emotional abuse I endured last year I would have to agree.

On a happier note I did enjoy an incredible ice cream pie from Wentworths. The crust was a peanut butter cookie filled with oreo ice cream. I didn't even know they had ice cream pies! And an update on my garden. Yesterday I picked three very small cherry tomatoes. They are green but I couldn't risk leaving them out there. While I was walking to the garden I spotted a very large wild turkey enjoying my produce. As Hilary says, "They have to eat too, Mom."

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  1. I enjoy everything you write..its the truth with a flair and a thought...hugs Cathue Di