Monday, January 21, 2013

Medical mission

January 23, 2012

Yesterday was our second day of surgery. The kids are adorable, the parents grateful and the adults we operate on have sometimes waited years for their surgery. There is virtually no complaining, none that we can understand anyway,and the teamwork on these trips is amazing. Everyone working together for a common goal. Sharing supplies, food and advice. The PACU is usually the place where people congregate after they are done with their cases and sometimes when they are having a "moment." The young people on the trip ( residents, medical students and younger nurses) are usually cared for by those of us who are more experienced. Many times the relationships last after the mission is over. ( Sometimes you even meet the person you will leave your wife for) So much for dedication to your patients.

But seriously, you learn a lot on these trips. Not just how to cheat on your wife, but how basic emotions are common to every culture. The love of a parent for their children, the desire to make a better life for them and their joy when they see them after surgery is universal in any society. It makes you realize just how alike we all really are, no matter your race, religion or color.

And no matter how I kid about what happened to me personally these trips are so satisfying it is more than worth giving up your vacation and working long hours. As I've said before and I think I can speak for everyone we get a lot more than we give.

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