Monday, January 14, 2013

Trip Anxiety

January 14, 2012

This past week has been very hectic. I have been trying to prepare for my trip to Thailand. Getting our supplies together for the PACU, making sure we have enough medications etc, and packing my own clothes. Also paying the bills before I go, making sure my sister is cared for, getting her meds and leaving emergency numbers. Leaving instructions for the kids and generalized worrying about EVERYTHING!

I usually get trip anxiety before I go away. I start to imagine all sorts of things that could go wrong. Plane, illness, bad weather here, tsunamis there!!! But I've been too busy to worry about that this time. I had to work all weekend. I was initially concerned I wouldn't have time to get my last minute things done but it actually worked out OK. I don't have TIME to worry about anything. Whatever isn't done just won't get done until I get back, or someone else will have to do it. All I can think of is 18 hours on the plane and no one will be able to get to me and I won't be able to obsessively check on things!!! No phone calls, texts or emails. Heaven.

I'm planning to bring my Ipad and will make an attempt at posting blogs. Mainly I will be talking about the kids and trying to post their pictures. Although I notice I don't get as many readers if I don't talk about sex. But I hope you will still read about the incredibly fulfilling experience I will have caring for children who otherwise wouldn't receive this life changing surgery.

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